• "S"


    An Unknown Person Who Hired the Caravan Bandits Against Lakemoor
  • Adon Kexel

    Adon Kexel

    Lakemoor Trading Company Representative
  • Circe


    A Mysterious Sorceress That Does as She Pleases
  • Gairy Arentus

    Gairy Arentus

    Lord Protector of Lakemoor
  • Gandalug SilverHair

    Gandalug SilverHair

    A silver haired Dwarf paladin who has just undertaken the path.
  • Groxy


    Owner of the Best and Only Smithy in Lakemoor
  • Henus Gerrius

    Henus Gerrius

    Elder of Fieldgate
  • Jarel Shadowstalker

    Jarel Shadowstalker

    A Human Ranger from the borders of Kalas
  • Sel


    A Lowly Bandit, Thief, and Murderer