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Kalahar was once home to vast and glorious empires, but one man’s desire for his father’s power brought the whole world to the edge of ruin. It’s been nearly two-thousand years since the Sundering and the New Kingdoms are once again prospering but darkness has crept back into the land. The Empire of Kalas keeps a watchful eye for the return of the dreaded Cursed Prince, but even as they watch, the monsters of old return to terrorize the people who had forgotten them. The time for Heroes is nigh as the Dread Prince draws ever closer, but will the New Kingdoms be able to face this great and terrible foe? Or will his minions cover tha land of the Old Empires in a wave of darkness forever…

The Empires of Old is a Pathfinder campaign set in the land of Kalahar, a world that was once host to a glorious Empire. Two thousand years have past since the breaking of the world in a cataclysmic event known as the Sundering and New Kingdoms prosper. There is a darkness, however, that threatens the whole of the land and it is up to the Players to find and stop it. Who knows what wonders they may find along the way, as Kalahar has many lost vaults of wealth and knowledge belonging to the Old Empires buried beneath the surface just waiting to be found. Will the Heroes be able to purge the land of Evil once and for all? Only time will tell…

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  • 8/22/12
    • Pathfinder conversion mostly complete. Character creation process updated, as well as minor tweaks across the campaign. The first series of adventures will be Play by Post (PbP) through the Giant in the Playground forum, here.
  • 8/19/12
    • Starting conversion from D&D 4th Ed. to the Pathfinder system.
  • 6/9/10
    • Fine tuning various sections, including different factions and gods. Most of the information is in the process of being typed.
  • 3/18/10
    • House Rules section updated. Alignments under character creation changed from normal 4E alignments to the classic assortment.
  • 3/9/10
    • Added content to Races section. Details have been put in place for all but the Dreadmen. Dreadmen still in development.
    • Additional house rule, Bennies Section, added.
    • Added timeline to History.
  • 3/6/10
    • Content added to all pages, however small it might be. A new intro to the Wiki is in place, as well as details on races, classes, and house rules.
    • Navigation shell for wiki implemented. Only several sections contain information currently.
    • Navigation shell for History section completed. Content is mostly complete.
  • 3/5/10
    • Groundwork for proper Wiki laid. Only several sections have content but there should be no broken links. Future planning and development of Wiki well underway by DM.
    • A map is available for general viewing. Only a terrain map as the political lines are still being decided.
    • Adventure development underway, though most of it is DM-Only at this point.

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