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Greeting fellow Kalaharan travellers! From here you can set off to view anything you wish to know about this great land. Before you get too comfortable, however, let me explain some of the basics. It will ease your progresssion here.

Kalahar, as the whole of this land is known as, was once home to great and powerful empires that spanned from West to East. Over two thousand years ago these great empires were destroyed by a world shaking cataclysm known as the Sundering. It is said the evil Prince Kalem, heir to the largest of these empires, did this to kill his father and usurp his throne. Some say he went mad from the dark magick he studied. But whatever the reason, the world as it was known to be was destroyed and only a relatively few mortals survived to rebuild civilization.

After a thousand years of darkness and barbarism, the first Queen of Kalas was born. In her time Humans were nothing more than roving bands of nomads living off the corpse of empires that had long since vanished, but she had a vision to bring all the clans together. It took years and blood but, with the help of the Kobold master smiths, she eventually united the human clans and founded the now-great Empire of Kalas.

Almost 400 years later, Kalas was attacked by all manner of dark creatures and foul beasts in a most sudden manner. It was said the Dread Prince Kalem was leading that evil tide, but whatever the truth may be, they were ultimately defeated. Standing armies were formed in order to protect the Empire, but protection eventually became repression.

Over the past several hundred years, there have been many revolts and several open rebellions across Kalas. The Gaelin Republic was the oldest, and largest, of the nations to be forged out of these struggles. The Empire attempted to reassert their rule on them several times with no success. Nowadays there is a lasting peace between the nations on Kalahar, but times change as they always do.

On the fringe of civilized lands there has been more reports of dark creatures comming out of the mountains and forets of the East, as well as the desert beyond them. Some even have said Prince Kalem has awoken once again to assert his control over all of Kalahar. Only time will tell if he will be able to do so. With luck the New Kingdoms shall stand firm, built on the ashes of the Empires of Old.

Main Page

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